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About Model Esteem

Modeling Made For You.

Model Esteem LLC is a model development, promotional modeling and brand ambassador organization geared towards educating youth and adults about the modeling/entertainment industry, while building self esteem through creative arts.

Model Esteem LLC also provides creative brand awareness solutions for companies looking to expand their market base by use of our trained talent and promotional marketing opportunities 

Growing up, Shettima was often bullied and teased for her looks. She developed extremely low-self esteem and carried that pain well into her adulthood. It was not until she started to model that she found her true beauty not on the outside but on the inside. She realized that she was encouraging women and girls to be their authentic selves. She founded Model Esteem in 2013 as a way to educate models and creatives about the industry but more importantly helping them find the self confidence in themselves.

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